Salesforce Certified Developer

SALESFORCE Certified Developer

Sales Force is an advance customer relationship management (CRM) Software tool which helps us to improve our business fast with maximum business output within a short span. The main objective of this, is to expand the business which will reach the people faster than the other sources. This will be expensive to the company which don’t have prior experience about Sales force. To enjoy this implementation, dedicated team called RCK Techies has provided sales & Software consultant by having hands of experience and dedication in the same field since 2010.

The main backbone of this works, we have dedicated, certified Sales force consultants and Sales force certified developers which had already done so many CRM projects for many clients in United states of America. Sales Force follows latest tools & technology, which is very easy to understand for normal layman. The software which is used for this CRM is specially designed as per the client request, so that any updating or changes which is requested by the client can be taken into consideration while developing the CRM. So this is very user-friendly software Instead of calculating the sales figures, Target, Sales Achievements etc by manually.

Once the CRM design, coding & Implementation gets over, the same will be delivered to the end user

for a trail run. At the time of trial, if the user finds any difficulties or need any updating in the same that will be rectified by our technical team immediately. They will be providing 24 Hrs customer care assistance for any technical clarification regarding. To maximize the business to earn more revenue this is very helpful, even small scale & Large scale business people too.


This CRM tool will automatically update your business process. With this technology you can analyze the customer’s behavior and requirements which helps in increasing your sales. The information collected by this tool can also be used in the future for marketing new products.


This tool is in the cloud, so that every section of your organization like sales, admin can concentrate on the lead generation, closing deals and gaining expertise. It also focuses on important sales and client data, which helps in a good customer satisfaction. This software streamlines and automates instantly to improve your business.


With this software you can collect customer query from different channels. You can also assign the cases to the appropriate section so that the customer’s request can be easily solved in quick time. If the request from the customer matches any previous request, we can give the same best solution as done in the past which saves a lot of time. We can also escalate the cases to a higher level if the solution is not found. By monitoring the request through sales force we can identify the areas to improve the service better.


As the sales force uses cloud computing, we can use all the virtual technologies like:

  • Partner/channel management,
  • Web communities,
  • Award-winning interfaces,
  • Point-and-click customization,
  • And seamless CRM integration.

  • By using the sales force software tool we can improve our business a lot by monitoring on the customer support request.